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Arik Davidov, a trumpet virtuoso and a descendent to three generations of trumpet players, is considered as one of the world’s leading trumpeters in his genera and the first founder of its musical kind. He is one of the very few musicians in the world who can headline a live, full-set performance, with just a trumpet. His show features a combination of outstanding musical virtuosity with an unforgettable stage presence that moves the audience to both tears and laughter. Arik masters the fine craft of performance, turning the musical encounter to truly unforgettable event. 
As the evening ends, the audience is left enchanted.


Carrying a long list of international honorary prizes and being a valued guest of festivals all around the world as a leading soloist, Arik's reputation was established as a highly acclaimed musician who's known not only by his wondrous trumpet playing but also by the impeccable entertainment added value of his concerts.

Arik is invited to perform as a soloist, as well as hosting programs together with Chamber and Symphonic Orchestras around the world.

As a part of his global tour, Arik has recently performed at the UN headquarters in Geneva, the Canadian parliament the Concertgebouw hall in Amsterdam, , Sydney Australia , The U.S Moscow,  ,Russia and many more stages all over the world! 


In his show, alongside  his band, Arik uses all of the ten different trumpets that he plays (trumpet, shofar, fanfare trumpet, rubber tube, bugle and more) as he gives the audience a showcase of his absolute control over the trumpet


Arik's show is a new kind of concert that consists with a non-orthodox approach by which his performance has a communal role in sharing and celebrating the music. He's communicating with the audience during the show making the  show full of emotions, joy, good vibes and energy.    

Arik has so far recorded six  CD's "The Talking Trumpet", “Melodies that touch” “The Jewish Soul”, "Espaniol" , "Cinema"  and the recently released "In love again" .

the UN headquarters in Geneva

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