About Arik

Arik Davidov is considered one of the world's leading trumpeters today.

As a virtuoso player, Arik founded a one of a kind musical entertainment – an exciting,

mesmerizing event based solely around the trumpet. 

The show demonstrates Arik's rare combination of virtuosity and the ability to captivate and charm any audience.

This rare combination landed him a slot at the top of Israel's cultural scene, and he is a sought out performer at the most prestigious events in Israel and beyond - state & sporting events, international business conferences, festivals etc. 
Arik has also earned major international recognition, delivering solo performances at the UN assembly in Geneva, the Canadian parliament, the Concertgebouw hall in Amsterdam, as well as representing the Israeli foreign ministry at a conference which takes place once a decade.

Over the years, Arik has cultivated a devoted and loyal audience which follows him from venue to venue, making him the only solo brass player in Israel that sells out venues regardless of their size.

Collaborations with major orchestras


Over the years, Arik has enjoyed a fruitful collaboration with the country's leading classic & jazz orchestras. The show's electrifying combination of virtuosity and striking stage presence leaves every audience utterly enthralled!


Training organizations

Arik's recent endeavor in the business world - ”Corporate Virtuosity" – A coaching program which tackles the key processes in the world of music and stage, paralleling them with likened business concepts. The program is held at professional seminars, ceremonies and company events.



Arik has recorded 5 studio albums, which instantly won the audience's affection: Trumpet Talking, Touching Tunes, Español, The Jewish Soul & Cinema. In each of his albums, Arik carefully incorporates original tunes which he composed alongside well known and loved music in surprising arrangments.

Preservation of Ladino culture

As a descendant of a family which nurtured the Ladino culture, Arik greatly values the importance of preserving this untimely Jewish heritage. Arik makes regular appearances in concerts and events all over the world, dedicated to this cause. At these events he performs the finest of Sephardic Jewish culture with his own personal interpretation.



A programme celebrating the connection between trumpet and voice. Virtuoso trumpet player Arik Davidov explores a wide and loved catalogue of songs, tunes and themes, ranging from Classical, through Jazz & Blues to contemporary Pop.
The unique performance is sure to leave any audience amazed at the level of musicianship, the entertaining performance and heart-moving repertoire!


Virtuosity in Business

Virtuosity - Excellence, impeccable specialty.
A term derived from the music world, it can reflect any outstanding member of an organization.
Trumpet master Arik Davidov brings forth in this programme, business coaching through a unique musical experience, by telling the personal story from a small home of 6 trumpeters, to performing live at the UN assembly.

The programme’s vision – striving for excellence, creativity, innovation – draws from the world of music, and is applied to the business realm as it explores the following areas: 
What makes one a virtuoso in one’s field? How can one aspire towards such mastery? How can it be nurtured and developed?
The band as an organization: leadership, motivation, mutual development and the production of one wholesome, harmonious “melody”.
This programme is fun, light & humoristic, with full audience participation, and guaranteed a company evening like you’ve never experienced!

The programme’s development was accompanied by a social psychologist, specializing in executive development and consulting.

Ideal for:
* Conferences * Ceremonies * Parties/Banquets * Development Seminars 



Trumpeter Extraordinaire Arik Davidov, accompanied by a full band, delivers a heart sweeping, romantic performance with the very best of Spanish & Latin tunes. As per request, the programme can also be accompanied by a 50-piece symphonic orchestra.

About Arik

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